Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing through Social Media is tough


Social media marketing has grown significantly over the past 5 years. Many assumed it would just be a fad and many companies paid the price for pilling money into antiquated marketing techniques such as telephone marketing and door to door sales. Make January 2019 your company’s year to shine. Here are the Top 5 Do’s and Don’t of Social Media Marketing from Northbrook Consultants.

  1. DO create a blog


Creating a strong brand experience throughout your online presence is key. Starting a blog with subjects that fit in with your brand, after that, you’ll find potential customers engaging with your brand in ways that weren’t possible before.


  1. DON’T Ignore any B2B marketing on any Social Platform


Imagining that businesses aren’t listening to their social platforms should be a thought of the past by now therefore you should be targeting businesses from 9-5 for optimum engagement.


  1. DON’T Ignore Local and Voice Search


Optimising your blogs or content to be compatible for voice search is becoming increasingly relevant in recent years with a lot of search engines leveraging them. If you’re researching semantic and long tail keywords you’re on the money.


  1. DO use videos to market your brand


Although they’re two separate entities; Youtube is owned by Google therefore it would be silly to discount the fact it would lead video as the next best engagement funnel. Incorporate videos into your marketing to make sure you invest in this. 40% more people engage with videos than they do with other types of content.


  1. DO Focus on customer experience

The importance of knowing your customer is absolutely paramount. Therefore being your customer is key. Test all aspects of customer experience by experience being your customer. Everything you do should be with your customer in mind.


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