The Importance Local SEO

Local SEO and why it’s so Important

It’s time we upped our local business game; here’s how.

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Local SEO is something integral to people’s visibility and success when being searched on google therefore many businesses believe they don’t have the time or the skill to market themselves on search engines.

This is a grave mistake many business owners make due to the fact the world is relying more and more on the internet and search services to bring them goods and services they request.

At Northbrook Consultants we’ve put together a few pointers to get you started!


Meta Descriptions

Google often collates this information itself from the content from your page. This might not always be the most optimised content. Personalising your meta descriptions of each page will ensure Google knows that not only is this quality content, it’s what your customers are looking for.


Alt Image Text

As it stands Google doesn’t have the ability to analyse text that’s in images. Their algorithms have an idea of what might be in the picture however they aren’t able to make a definitive determination on its content. Providing Search Engines with this information makes it easier to index.



The use of keywords is paramount. Making sure you’ve done your keyword research is vital as it is what your brand will be indexed for within searches. Keyword rich content is what Search engines like.


To sure your SEO experience is as streamlined as possible, give us a call! Northbrook Consultants offer all SEO and ad word services and training plans to suit you and your business!


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