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What’s better SEO or PPC?

When considering your business and its marketing presence online, it’s important to think about where you should invest your time and money to know the best results will be achieved. Making sure you know the pros and cons of each avenue is important so you can make a sizable decision when putting your time and funds into a certain marketing avenue.



Search engine Optimisation in its broadest sense is optimising the content of your website andor products to that search engines are better able to understand you, your vision and your customer. Experts suggest that SEO drives more organic results than PPC. Therefore a higher majority of people who do simple searches are more likely to click on search results that have been optimised to be on front page. This suggests that SEO is of higher value but you should be aware that the process of obtaining organic search results isn’t an easy feat. This can be made even harder if your market is particularly competitive.


The drawbacks to SEO are that keeping on top of search engine algorithm changes. Sometimes this can take a whole team’s effort meaning staying ahead can be difficult if you’re doing it yourself. It’s important to note SEO is about maintaining ranking positions rather than obtaining them.



Short for pay-per-click this is what search engines gives as a paid search option. This means you pay a certain amount for each click on you get on your paid search. Paid searches depend on the keywords you want to target and the quality of your ads furthermore you must also consider the competitiveness of your market.


When comparing this to conventional SEO, statistics dictate that PPC search results are 1.5 times more likely to convert. What’s important to note the chance to be seen in paid search results can be much smaller dependant on how saturated your market is. PPC can be very pretty expensive to maintain therefore keeping your budget in mind is key.


Which is better?

Before jumping in the deep end Northbrook Consultants want you to ask yourself three important questions. First of all, you need to determine how much of a budget you have for your digital marketing. As mentioned, PPC can be exceptionally expensive especially in a saturated market. While you are able to place a small budget per campaign, its possible this may not bring the results you were hoping for, especially if said keywords are highly competitive.


When considering SEO it’s important to note that results will never be immediate. Investing in this however will set you up in the long term. Many SEO agencies such as Northbrook Consultants work out all optimisation work on a monthly retainer, furthermore offering reports on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis so you’re able to see exactly what you’re getting out of the budget you’re contributing.


When working out costs for PPC, researching the average cost per click (CPC) in your industries keywords is key. Furthermore determining the competitiveness of SERPs within your industry so you can see what kind of strength your SEO positions would be is important in determining what kind of budget you can give to your PPC campaigns.


Clearly there are many factors to consider when choosing between PPC or SEO. We believe that the biggest to consider is what will be more effective compared to your budget. Got more burning questions that need answering? contact us! we’d love to hear from you!

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