HTTP vs HTTPS? Secure your Website Today

Google rolls out Chrome 68 update telling users HTTP sites are not secure

Have you got your website secure? Now would be the time to capitalise on this feature as Chrome and Firefox are telling your customers your URLs are not secure!

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Possibly one of the worlds most popular browsers to date gets constant updates due to SEO and security purposes. One of the biggest factors Google weighs in is whether your site is using HTTP or HTTPS similarly with Firefox and Safari. The difference being one is secured using and SSL/TLS script which protects users of your website from having their traffic and private information tracked by hackers.

You may have already seen the feature. Usually if the site is secure it will have a small green or gray padlock. If not it will have either an “i” or the dreaded NOT SECURE; not the best look for your website. While Google is knuckling down on those who don’t protect traffic coming to their website there are a few things you need to know about how this affects you.

First of all from an SEO perspective Google are issuing greater risk factors to your website, as a result all links leading out of and towards your website can and will be marked down. Not good for you or your partners. Furthermore you’ll find your rankings unable to reach the third page without SSL/TLS.

Northbrook Consultants use the Plesk user interface and use Let’s Encrypt. We’ve linked a guide of how you can do this and get secured today! Click here

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