Email Security

In the modern age email security has become paramount to ensuring your business is safe online as well as your customers therefore; here at Northbrook Consultants we’ve got you covered. With plans at just £2.99 per email you can have peace of mind no spam or malware are coming your way. Furthermore plans starting at £4.99 will ensure no viruses are heading your customers way. It’s a no-brainer!

Basic Email Service
(Ex VAT)
Per Month
Per Email
  • Unfiltered email service
  • You recieve everything and filter yourself
  • A basic, no frills package included with all Hosting packages
  • 3 Emails and mailboxes as standard
Protected Incoming Emails
(Ex VAT)
Per Month Per Email
  • Most cyber-attacks start with a targeted email leading to significant financial damage and data loss.
  • This service protects all aspects of your email infrastructure to protect users, data and your brand.
Protected Outgoing Emails
(Ex VAT)
Per Month Per Email
  • Make sure you protect all your outgoing emails and don't be hacked by spammers that hijack your outgoing emails.
  • Using Microsoft Exchange your outgoing emails will be monitored to ensure only you are sending them.
Encrypted Mail Service
(Ex Vat)
Per Month Per Email
  • Do you want to send encrypted emails to clients?
  • Make sure no-one intercepts sensitive emails that only your client should see.
  • Piece of mind your data is safe